Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dare !!

Sheathed with doubts and distraught with conflicts
Timidity of my existence
Bred enormous anxieties
Never looked beyond me. still could not get ME
Rapt with riding on the waves ,
always missed the feathery touch of gentle breeze
Busy uncovering others, forgot my own layers
Captivated by the games they play
Overlooked my own pretence and display
knowledge, , lectures, analysis of all
yes , i admit, do enthrall

yet, fail miserably ...
to calm the agitated mind
to pierce the stony heart
to quench the thirsty soul
to be the lamp-post of
man's eternal quest

ifs and buts ...keep us in the rut

Caught in the web of compulsions
Drained by the questions
Worn-out from the struggle
Weary of the realities of survival
Occupied the self with niceties
life became hectic and eventful
Robots are productive and useful !!

And then made your way in
without any door or window open
without any stifling sermon
just with tender eyes
and blistering devotion

Enveloped in the Cocoon of your grace
...Today ....I...dare to Dream again.....
Fuelled by your love....
.Today ...I ...dare to Live again....Come what may!!.


  1. a journey within that critically analyses so many undergoing thoughtprocesses...
    beautifully emerging victorious....!
    this 'dare' to dream and live comes subtly as a reward for the journey within...!!!
    enlightening poem!!!!

  2. very nice

    very few heart has dare to see themselves and wanted to know who am *I* ???,,, ,, we start from a confused path ,, where to go , what to follow ,, what to do ,, but as time goes on and when we became aware of our self and purpose ...behind our having on this earth ,, all confusion and anxiety washed away then ,,,, it happens all because of our love towards that almighty and humanity ,,,that gives us all the dare to face everything in our life and we just go on, go on and go on,,, that path of gaining our self and Him ,,without any anxiety , no more confusion ,, with firm determination ,,,See more

  3. I have read this post several times, I am confident that it touches to me at the core of my heart, but I don't know what to say / write as a comment.
    Sunita has expressed my feelings far more in a better way.
    When I read this post, a silence overpowers me, sinks deep into me, and I just look amazed at the beauty of the truth said in these words.
    The silence is more powerful than the intellect, or even the emotions, that stay for a brief moment and are replaced by other things, thoughts, ...
    But I know this silence is not going to leave me, for it is eternal,
    Thanks Manjula,...

  4. Manjula,
    Only a heart can say such a thing, the mine would keep going round in circles. If you let your heart dictate to your brain, you will word an excellent poem, and if the brain dictates the heart, you will write an essay........never a spontaneous poem from the depth of the heart.