Thursday, December 16, 2010

You and Me.

Times have changed , life has taken us thru
but some things are and you

I flow like river,gushing, rushing, sparkling and eager
You the endless waiting,accepting, inviting ocean so far yet so near.
I want fears to blurr , and time to stall...
.enjoying life, guess we have it all....
You think of shared dreams, hopes, n ambitions, ..
.always reaching the top, beyond expectations

You give me courageous context, where I lose me ,on any pretext
You enliven me like live wire; you enchant me with untamed desire
I bring solace, calmness and rest ;strength reserves to pass any test

When i look at mirror , i look at you ...solitude for me is being with you
The hectic rush,in the midst of conquest or crush...
you share it all, be it shame or enthrall....

How can we be not the whole
When we listen to the whispers of our soul
Come lets once more sit under that old tree
Still we are same and me....

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