Wednesday, December 8, 2010

On your Ground.....

standing on top of precipice
i had nothing but pity
for those down below
slowly the ice melted
erupted sympathy
with warmth of friendships
got enriched with empathy
under severe heat of omnipresent sun
each flake of snow turning into gracious water
i became the river....
now flowing with love ...unbound...unheard of....
forever....rushing to meet you
on your ground .


  1. the graciousness of water well captured through words.....
    the poem has deeper implications much more than the apparant simplicity!!!
    beautiful imagery!!!

  2. interesting journey, inevitable transformations here. Pity....sympathy and them empathising, from the precipice to plateau, the verticle to linear...the heat in between to mellow this arrogance of the 'top' cannot but notice the eruptions of unbound love...all very interesting , very reassuring. thanks manjula.

  3. power of affection can melt down even a hard rock and after that ,,, we just go on and on ,,,,,, just to see HIM in everyone ,, everywhere :)